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A Night At Slim's

by David Campbell

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If we approach this matter sideways, If we allow for points of view, This rusted chain of bad decisions, Takes me away, takes me away, away to you. The early morning sun is rising, You lift your hand and shade your eyes, Some distant shape on the horizon, Comes shimmering into your life. This old earth is just a circle, Straight lines are always orbiting. Each step you take will move you forward, Takes you away, takes you away away to me. You watch the lightning on some hot night, And feel the quiet before the rain. the waxing moon buried in clouds as, It flashes into life again. Storms are raging on the dark seas, clouds scudding over midnight sands. The sound of crickets in these quiet fields, as thunder rolls across the land. You watch the storm on the horizon, And feel the tension in the air. And as I walk these twisted roads you, feel all these aching souls laid bare. If you adjust for the precession, If you account for every tear, The record dims and all's forgotten, Under the weight of all these years. We'll meet again under the starlight, we'll meet again when we're alone. the journey that took us both forward, will bring us both together home.
Cold Hearts 03:30
The night is dark, the hall is huge and I can hear that awful sound. Walking alone to find some secret, that has sunk into the ground. Your broken heart, a buried treasure. But I'm three sheets to the wind. I feel the warmth and tender pleasures, as we start it up again. 'Cause just one drop of real love, will melt our cold cold hearts but where will we find true love, when we don't know how to start Silhouttes and broken mirrors, Lining all the walls. I stand along and watch these shadows, dance around the hall. Your secret heart, your true desire, never fades away, Can't pull your hand out of that fire, no matter what you say. 'Cause just one drop of real love, would melt your cold cold heart but how will you find real love, when you don't let down your guard. Dark silhouettes and broken mirrors, littering the halls. I stand alone and watch these shadows, whirl around the hall. your broken heart a buried treasure, never fade away. Can't pull my hands out of that fire. No matter what I say.
Up at the power lines, the time moves slow They both went walking into the flow While he was choosing each word with care, She floated up in the static air. I remember every hour of that second, you drifted away from me. Time was tilted up on her side. The suns and moons rocketed by. While Poison Ivy circled his throat, three saplings grew, to towering oaks. I remember every decade of that moment, you drifted away from me. Out in the distance, some howling sound. The dust filled his eyes as he lay down. Something was moving in the electric wind. A shadow landed: she drifted back again. I remember every season of the day when, you drifted back to me. And I'm a rebuilt man. I'm a re-formed man. yes I'm a re-built man. I'm a born-again man. Yes I'm a rebuilt man. I'm a re-formed man. I'm a re-built man. Yes I'm a born-again man.
I was born on the fifth of never, been 21 forever, heading into stormy weather, someone get me out of here. I've been sitting here all morning. In the corner clouds are forming, giving you giving you fair warning, someone get me out of here. I caught you looking, I know your heart. I've been counting stars all night and, somethjng awful came to light we're, heading for the fight of fights just someone get us out of here. I've been walking to the signs and got a glimpse of your bright mind so, never gonna tow the line yah, someone get me out of here. I know the secret, I've got the part. In the backroom flies are buzzing, something cooking in the oven, pretty pie made with white doves and someone get us out of here, someone get us out of here, grab your things we're out of here.


There is a place deep in the Valley where the music is moody and mysterious and the drinks are only served during the electric storms that sweep the lands at night. It is impossible to find Slims but when the time is right, it isn't uncommon for it to find you.


released June 30, 2017

David Campbell-vocals, guitars
The Sides
Suzie: hohner clavinet, wurlitzer piano, farfisa and vox organs, emi synth
Jenna: rhodes piano, arp synthesizer, hammond organ
Homer: bass, harp
Herbie: drums and bg vocals


all rights reserved



David Campbell Renfrew, Ontario

David Campbell is a composer-musician who was has a large body of material in a variety of styles and fields. He is a successful composer of TV soundtracks (Nature of Things, Vinyl Cafe, For Better or For Worse, Sniz and Fondue, etc) as well as an active guitar player in a number of bands ranging from folk to progressive rock with many stops between. ... more

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